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Sinatra has been nominated as a Pet Hero by Dr. Waltzer!

Sinatra is a Labrador who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) in her front, right leg in November of 2019. Due to the high probability of Sinatra fracturing her leg at her tumor site, her parents only had a few days to decide between euthanasia or amputation – where amputation would severely impact her quality of life, or so they thought. Her owners elected amputation, giving their girl a fighting chance. After surgery, it only took Sinatra 4 days to figure out how to go about life and walk around. Now, 6 months later, she is doing great and her family is more than happy to still have her around.

Sinatra recently celebrated her 11th birthday. Her pet parents shared some pictures from her birthday party with us and she looks like a happy, healthy dog! Sinatra’s pet parents say she gets excited when she sees the corner of Montana and Wedgewood knowing she’s about to arrive at EEPAH!

For more information on canine osteosarcoma (OSA), see this article from the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.


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