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How to Pick the Right Vet for Your Pet

how to pick the right vet for your petFor those who decide to open up their home to a furry family member, it is important to make sure that their pet has the right healthcare. This involves much more than just choosing the right dog food and giving their pet medicine if their pet becomes ill.

It is vital for pet owners to make sure that their pet has a stable healthcare home for regular preventative medicine physical exams as well as a reliable location for acute issues.

It is not uncommon for families and pet owners to have questions about how they should be selecting a vet for their pet. Similar to medical doctors, there are numerous different types of veterinarians out there. When pet owners are trying to select the right person for their pet, there are a few steps to follow.

Here are the top 3 tips to consider when finding the right vet!

1. Find a Vet that Treats that Species of Animal

Unlike medical doctors where every doctor treats people, vets can treat different types of species. For traditional pet owners, almost every vet will be able to take care of cats and dogs; however, there are many different types of pets and some pet owners may own an “exotic” animal that could require a different kind of vet.

Even more common pets such as rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, birds, and fish could require some research to find a vet in the area that takes care of those species. If they are not trained to take care of that species, it is a good idea to find someone else.

2. Does the Vet Specialize in that Animal?

Even though they are trained to treat certain species, some vets may not regularly see those types of animals. For example, a vet may have a license to practice aviary medicine, or medicine of birds; however, they may not have seen a bird since their training years.

Their skills could be rusty and most vets will be up front about this situation. Therefore, pet owners need to make sure that the vet is both licensed to treat that kind of animal and has the consistency that delivers confidence in their skills as a veterinarian.

3. For Acute Problems, Find the Right Vet

Like humans, pets can have medical emergencies as well. Perhaps the animal has consumed something poisonous to their species or has a chronic condition that requires regular care. In these situations, ask for a referral to a specialist if necessary. Just like human physicians, vets have specialists too. For example, a dog may have severe allergies and require a visit to a dog dermatologist. Acute care could require a specialist’s attention and pet owners should know when to ask for one.

In the end, there are many different types of veterinarians on the market just as there are many different types of pets. Picking the right vet for a pet is dependent on finding a match for the pet’s needs and the vet’s skills. If a pet owner is ever unsure of the right vet, it is important to ask them if they feel comfortable treating their pet. Most vets will be honest in their response.

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