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Change a Pet’s Life Day

January 26, 2022

It can take a small act of kindness to change a pet’s life

Afterall, most pets just want to be loved. Today, on January 24th, we celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day. This special day is for encouraging people to adopt pets from shelters and raise awareness about animals in need. However, not all pets that need saving come from shelters or off the street. 

Let us introduce you to Emily

Emily is a kennel technician here at EEPAH and takes care of all the babies that need some watching over while their pet parents are away. Emily is also a mom to two beautiful human babies. After life happened, Emily’s home was in need of a little more love and comfort on four legs. Mid last year, Emily changed a pet’s life and in turn, he changed hers.

Meet Buddy

Buddy is a simple guy, doesn’t need much but a cozy spot to lay. But last year, although Buddy lost some, he gained so much more! Buddy was relinquished to our hospital after his previous owners intended to euthanize him. But our doctors refused to put down a gentle, kind, and for the most part, healthy dog without necessity. Thankfully, the owner agreed to surrender Buddy and leave him in our care. While this doesn’t happen very often, our staff was afraid that this beautiful boy would be hurt, abandoned, or worse, so we took him in and tried to find him a good home amongst our staff. 


After trying to go home with multiple staff members, Buddy returned to our clinic. While he’s a good boy, he just didn’t quite mesh. That is, until Emily took him home. “As soon as he came home, he laid under the Christmas Tree,” Emily said. He was home from the very first moment he walked in. Both Buddy and Emily found the companion they were looking for! Buddy has a loving home, and a family that enjoys him not only at home, but on trips and outings as well! And Emily and her family have a new best friend.




If you have a pet that no longer fits your life, or perhaps their treatment is outside your financial means, we urge you to look into rescues and adoptions before euthanasia. If you have questions or need support, contact us and we’d be glad to help! For more information check out some of our local rescue partners or visit the Humane Society’s page on options if you need to find your pet a new home. 


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