Helping Raise Funds for Rabies

Did you know that in the 1950’s and early 1960’s El Paso was the rabies capital of the country? That’s right, it wasn’t until 1968, that El Paso surrendered its unofficial title when no cases were reported in domestic pets. That is why when Dr. Martins Ezekwelu at the Animal Secrets Pet Clinic of Nigeria asked us to help him and other volunteer veterinarians to put on one last, big rabies clinic before he joins us here at EEPAH, we knew we had to help! You can help in this rabies fundraiser too, El Paso!

Dr. Martins writes: In the far eastern Nigeria is a small village called Ojoto, secluded from the state capital by dense forest, also known as the ‘hunter’s island’. In this village is a boy named Agbo. He was just eight when he lost his father to rabies, then followed his elder brother a year later. According to study, approximately 5,500 people die of rabies in Nigeria every year with rabid dogs accounting for about 94% of confirmed human infection.

Myself and other veterinarians are trying to solve this by organizing a free anti- rabies vaccination, sensitization, and treatment clinic for all the local dogs in the community. This campaign mostly either never takes off or doesn’t properly cover the target areas due to lack of funds. I am currently reaching out to all of you to help make this project a reality. Your financial donation will go a long way to rid this community of this nightmare and help children like Agbo embrace the natural warmth of owing his first hunting dog without fear of rabies.

We are looking at a target of 10k dollars. The funds will help provide accommodation to volunteer veterinarians, as well as the purchase of vaccines, tools, and educational material for the community. Also, a seminar will be arranged to inform the community of proper ways to handle emergency rabid cases. I pray God keeps us all safe till we meet.

Dr. Martins Ezekwelu

Working Together

With the help of veterinary clinics throughout El Paso, we hope to help Dr. Martins reach his goal and accomplish the dream of ridding Nigeria of rabies. Donations will be accepted online via a PayPal donations page, cash app, and cash boxes at participating veterinary offices. We ask for any help possible and of course, to share this cause! If you donate in person, you will get to sign a donor’s certificate that will be displayed in our clinic lobby as well as a digital token when you donate via PayPal. Lets show a community across the world that people care!

Please Donate

It is our hopes that the El Paso community can come together and support another community going through the same battle we once faced. Please help this cause at any of the participating clinics:

You can donate online at our PayPal Donations page, cash app East El Paso Animal Hospital, or visit participating clinics for cash donations. Whatever you do, please SHARE!