Duncan was nominated as Pet Hero by Dr. De La Garza. She said he was “a little trooper and [for] undergoing acupuncture for his intervertebral disc disease which rendered him paraplegic for a few months, but is doing great now!

What is intervertebral disc disease?

Canine intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) occurs when a disc in your dog’s spine is ruptured or herniated, leaking contents and causing severe inflammation and pain for your best friend. When this happens, the disc is no longer able to act as a shock absorber or help with the weight load put on the spine. This can also result in improper blood supply, causing that segment of the spinal cord to die, resulting in paralysis.

This disease unfortunately doesn’t have a cure. But more and more treatments are being developed and acupuncture has been a long-standing aid in pain and symptom management.

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