We’re taking a big initiative this year with pet wellness! Everyone and their pet gets sick sometimes, it’s a part of life – sick visits aren’t always avoidable. But with focus on preventative care, we can take those visits down to a minimum and allow our pets to live their best life! So join us in keeping track of key areas of wellness with our pet health tracker. These areas tell a lot about a pet’s health and wellbeing and give our veterinarians a better idea of where to begin in case of a decline in health.

Pet Health Tracker

Download our pet health tracker to digitally fill in, print at home, or stop by the clinic and pick one up! Each month we’ll focus on one key area and provide tips and information on what to look for and why that area is a key part of your pet’s wellness. Watch monthly on our social media as Dr. Garza delivers inside tips and what doctors are looking for when they check your pets at wellness visits.

Why Track?

We developed this compact and easy to use tracker so that pet parents can stay on top of preventative care. Preventative care often allows doctors to catch early signs of serious illness before the pet’s health severely diminishes. Catching severe health issues early on can also save financially on treatment. If you’d like more info on what preventative care we offer, check it out here!

How do I use the tracker?

We suggest posting this near your pet’s belongings or food bowls. Once a month, take a look at the key areas, write the date and any changes you notice, if any. There’s also a space for notes where you can jot down questions you need to ask your veterinarian, or important dates like when vaccines are due and when the last time your pet took heartworm preventative was. At the end of the year we compare weight and ask other general questions to evaluate your pet’s health overall health for the year.