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4 Reasons Pet Vaccinations Matter

You may have heard over and over again that pet vaccinations are a critical part of any veterinary wellness program — but what is it exactly that makes them such a big deal? Here are four reasons to consider, courtesy of our veterinarians in East El Paso Animal Hospital:

1. Certain vaccinations are lifesavers. While there are actually a variety of diseases that your pet can obtain immunizations against, a handful of diseases present a particularly deadly risk. Chief among these is rabies, which is always fatal because there is no cure. Dogs are also at risk for other diseases such as parvovirus, distemper and hepatitis, while cats face serious threats from calicivirus, feline rhinotracheitis and distemper. Core cat and dog vaccinations guard against these potential killers.

2. Rabies vaccinations are the law. In most parts of the country, including El Paso, pets are legally required to be vaccinated against rabies. You may have to show the vaccination records or other veterinary documentation if your travels with your pet take you across a monitored border.

3. Vaccinations prevent disease spread. Your pet is not the only one at risk when a communicable disease strikes. Other pets in your home or neighborhood will be exposed to the same dangerous germs. Rabies can be contracted through saliva, so a bite from an infected pet can spread this terrifying disease to any other mammal — including you and your family.

4. Your newborn pet has no natural immunity. Dog and cat vaccinations are first administered to pets when they are just a few weeks old. Up to that point, their bloodstreams have been protected by antibodies “borrowed” from their mother’s body — but this protection is short-lived, leaving your baby pet to fend for himself unless we act promptly.

Schedule Vaccinations with Our Veterinarians in El Paso, TX

Cat and dog vaccinations are easy to schedule — just contact East El Paso Animal Hospital. We want to ensure that your pet stays healthy!

Has your pet had his vaccinations? Which ones?

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