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4 Reasons Pet Dental Care Matters

4 Reasons Pet Dental Care Matters - East El Paso Animal Hospital - El Paso, TX

The Importance of Cat and Dog Dental Care

Here at East El Paso Animal Hospital we strive to provide all of our patients with a high standard of wellness — and that includes dental wellness, in the form of cat and dog dental checkups and cleanings. Here are four reasons you should make every effort to look after your pet’s oral health, courtesy of our veterinarian in El Paso:

1. Tartar attracts bacteria. An accumulation of sticky plaque on your pet’s teeth and gums will eventually harden into tartar. This substance provides a food supply for bacteria, which flock to the teeth and gums to cause tooth decay, gum disease, and dental abscesses. Regular professional cleanings can scrape this tartar away.

2.Dental problems are painful. Dental care is an important step toward giving your pet a happier life. Your pet may not be able to eat or digest properly if he suffers from oral pain. Additionally, animals use their mouths not only for eating but also for picking up and carrying objects; all of these activities may become painful or impossible with injured or diseased teeth and gums.

3.Dental infections can become systemic infections. The same bacteria that eat their way through tooth enamel and gum tissue can enter your pet’s bloodstream and move freely throughout the body. If they settle in the heart, brain or other major organs, these bacteria can destroy your pet’s health. Stopping and/or preventing those infections from ever occurring is therefore a potentially lifesaving measure.

4.Oral cancer must be caught early. Dental checkups include inspections of the entire oral cavity for any signs of oral cancer, a fast-growing and potentially deadly ailment that must be removed at the earliest stage possible. Regular cat and dog dental evaluations allow us to catch the problem and treat it promptly.

Your Partners in Pet Dental Care

Contact our veterinarian in El Paso today to schedule a dental exam and cleaning for your beloved pet. A healthy mouth supports a healthy life!

When was your pet’s last checkup? Describe his wellness routine!

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